Title Curative

Superior Title Services will provide title curative as requested under Drilling Title Opinions and Division Oder Title Opinions. Initially, will provide a Title Opinion Requirements report which will summarize the requirements that will be worked on and the ones that will be waived unless advised otherwise by the client. Upon completion of obtaining the needed curative, will provide a folder with an updated Title Opinion Requirements report along with the curative obtained including recorded, original documents. Where unsuccessful in satisfying certain requirements, will provide a copy of the correspondence showing the attempts so there will be a “paper trail” if the client decides to put someone’s proceeds in suspense due to curative problems. In lieu of providing a summary, if the client only wants certain requirements addressed, will work on the ones as requested by the client.
Will request the needed curative when obtaining oil and gas leases. Will provide respondents lists for Oklahoma Corporation Commission pooling and spacing orders. Will provide Communitization Agreements which have been approved by the BLM for Federal and Indian Oil and Gas Leases.