Right Of Way Acquisition

The job description of a Right of Way Agent includes a number of responsibilities and knowledge in several fields including, but not limited to abstracting, legal, engineering, sales and agriculture. Through the support of numerous landmen with extensive knowledge in the field of right-of-way negotiations and acquisition, Superior Title, Inc. provides our clients with the experience and flexibility they need to handle a wide variety of projects on short notice.

·         Surface Title Examination
·         Locate and gather data from printed and visual (e.g., photographs, maps, surveys) sources in order to obtain information used in estimating the market value or in the acquisition of the title of the property.
·         Serve as a liaison between the property owner and client company in order to facilitate the project’s completion
·         Prepare and/or revise contracts in order to purchase property rights in conformance with the project’s plans and insert and delete appropriate conditions necessary to describe fully all elements of the proposed acquisition.
·         Document all phases of the right of way acquisition in order to indicate the status of the acquisitions, property management, title and closing by recording all conveyance and title instruments, writing various narrative reports, and filing data and materials gathered into parcel and project files.
·         Gathers pertinent data relating to railroads/utilities affected by proposed highway construction/maintenance projects in order to inform companies involved and solicit from them their plans for adjustment/relocation of their facilities.
·         Negotiates agreements with railroads, utilities, counties, cities and municipalities in order to insure that adjustments resulting from proposed highway construction/maintenance projects are reasonable, adequate, and in compliance with associated standards and policies