Title Examination
Cursory Record Checks
Ownership Verification
Limited Detail Ownership
Full Detail Ownership
Surface Ownership
Mineral Ownership
Leasehold Ownership
Working Interest Ownership
Title Opinion Updates
Run Sheets
Digital Document Imaging
Title Curative
Oil & Gas Lease Acquisition
Drilling Title Opinion
Division Order Title Opinion
Lease Acquisition
Oil & Gas Leases
Oil & Gas Lease Options
Extensions of Oil & Gas Lease
Right-of-Way Acquisition
Access Roadway
Electric Power for production
Surface Damage Settlement
Drill Sites
Drilling & Frac Water Usage Agreements
Frac Water Reservoirs & Lines
Access Roads
Flow Lines
SWD Well Sites
SWD Lines
Production Equipment Sites
Cathodic Protection
Surface Ownership
Mineral Ownership
Aerial Photo Plats
Lease Acquisition
Leasehold Ownership
Production & Well Information  
Pipeline Right-of-Way
Acquisition Due Diligence
Mineral Acquisition
Leasehold Acquisition
Production Acquisition
Pipeline Acquisition
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Preparation of Respondent Lists
Well Proposal Preparation & Mailing
Market Value Surveys
Qualified for Testimony before Oklahoma Corporation Commission for all land related matters